Activities & Events

Activities and Annual Events Connect Us.

They are fun, sometimes FAB(!), and connect current students, faculty, and parents to the bigger Branson–of graduates, former parents, trustees, and friends. Click on the titles below to read more about each tradition.

In other events ...

Branson Annual Women’s Retreat

Last weekend marked another successful Branson’s Women’s Retreat. Co-facilitated by Kathy Soave, Allyson Seal, and Meredith Herrera, this year’s retreat focused on friendship--the role it plays in our lives, the way it can shift over time, and how we show up as friends to the people that matter to us in our lives. Aided by structured activity, great conversation, delicious food, and a lot of fun, 19 upperclasswomen delved into these topics in deep and powerful ways. Please check out their culminating art project below!

Exciting close minute of a Dodgeball Tournament fundraiser, which Branson's Interact Club organizes annually. Last year 16 teams, 96 students and faculty, raised $800 to buy backpacks filled with art and school supplies for the children of the Sicanjou Lakota Tribe in Rosebud, South Dakota--and had a lot of good fun in the process.

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